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I’d failed to get my target IELTS score 3 times before I found out about IELTS Transformation. Studying with Paul was great. It was difficult, but it was great. I learnt things that I hadn’t learnt before, and I got the advice and motivation I needed to make me study the right way and get my target IELTS score on my next attempt.


I studied with Paul a few years ago. Then, I studied at IELTS Transformation for 6 weeks and got my target IELTS score. However, I needed to get a higher score recently, so I decided to study with him again. It was hard, but because Paul never let me quit and constantly gave me the belief in myself, I managed to get my latest target IELTS Score.


The guys at IELTS Transformation are great! I was trying to study by myself, but I was finding it really difficult. Then, I found IELTS Transformation. I had classes with both Rob and Paul. I got my score. Then, I had to do it again to get a higher score. So, I didn’t hesitate to contact them again. It was hard buy they helped me get my target IELTS score. Thanks guys.


I was lost trying to get my IELTS score. I did a Mock Test with IELTS Transformation, but I really wanted to study by myself. After a while I found that I needed the right help. I contacted them and joined a group class. I was frustrated to keep making the same mistakes, but with Paul’s guidance, I managed to improve my language and get my score.

Yee Siong