Over the years of teaching General English and Test Preparation classes, many students expressed their thanks for what they learnt as well as how they learnt with us. Teachers also started to ask us lots of questions so that they could improve their knowledge and, therefore, have more confidence in their own classes. We have been fortunate enough to present our Teacher Training courses in China, Iran, Russia, and Japan as well as frequently here in Australia. We are looking forward presenting in the near future in Chile and Brazil as well as returning to the previously mentioned countries. You may have guessed that we teach native and non-native teachers of English. Fundamentally, teachers and the entire academic department of a school focus on, and want, the best for their students. However, the reality is that the higher level managers and people paying the bills must be concerned with money. We understand this, and we know that better equipped, more confident teachers means happier students, which in turn generates word-of-mouth advertising and even the ability to charge higher prices if you are providing a better service. 

We offer training in:

grammar and vocabulary knowledge to give the teacher confidence in the classroom

how to present grammar and vocabulary ideas to maximise student engagement and learning

the importance of PACE and how to manage it

personal development tools for both the teacher and the student

personalised, done-for-you actvities and lesson plans

access to our original materials (four books, online video course, podcasts, and more)

pre- and post-workshop training to ensure your success


To find out even more about how we can help you, please send us a message.

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